I think that’s why I moved forward and left an established career in IT and jumped on The Photography World. I tried so many things in photography and I never thought it would be my life, but after I shot my first wedding that love between the couple and the excitement, joy, and beauty that surrounds the wedding day, captured my heart and I just found my place.

My photography style is based on capture the natural feelings, epic moments happen when nobody is interfering on what’s going on. Doesn’t matter where will be your wedding, in a church, forest, mountain or in your backyard, if you’re planning to have a real connection with your partner, family, and friends I’ll be more than happy to capture all this love.

I also do family and group photos, this is so important for the next generations but the most important thing, indeed, is the unique moments. I definitely love what I do and after almost 10 years, hundreds of weddings and amazing stories I’m stoked to create something epic with you.

If you have more questions I might have answered here. Please, give me a buzz on my email and let’s talk!!!

Fabio Oliveira Photography